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TCEG's websites provide great value. TCEG uses experienced graphic and web designers, with great track records. Additionally, with in-house Flash and PHP developers, TCEG can make websites that attract lots of positive attention.

Starter Logo Kit
  • Every Business needs a Logo for Business Cards, Website, Letterhead, etc.
  • Logo design is very challenging, and we offer the best and most talented people to do this job.
  • Everything else flows from the Logo
Starter Website Kit
  • Every business needs a strong website which attracts new clients and makes investors look more favorably on the operation.
  • Each website is unique and requires a unique approach
  • Samples of our work can be found at and
You receive:
  • Time with a qualified web designer to come up with a good design
  • HTML and CSS coding
  • Photoshop work to make graphics look just right
  • We import your content and brochures onto the website
Search Engine Optimization
  • Get found in major search engines
  • Describe your site better and make frequent changes automatically
  • Configure site to make use of automatic related content
  • Includes topical links from TCEG's high PR website to your website
  • ssh, ftp, http access
  • Dedicated includes shared KVM/IP, and call to do hard reboots
  • 10 Mbit uplink with low-latency
  • 24/7 staff available in case of emergency

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